Immortal’s Birthday

Immortal’s Birthday (2017–2020) pursues the human place in the continuum of existence and ageing and examines practical and metaphysical questions […] Read more »

White Rabbit Fever

White Rabbit Fever (2015–2016) contrasts sequences of decaying rabbits to sequences of immortal human cell lines. There is not one […] Read more »

Milky Way

Milky Way (2015) is inspired by panspermia, a theory of ‘seeds of life’ expanding and traveling everywhere in the Universe. […] Read more »

Leftover and Removals

Leftover (2014) and Removals (2011–2013) are sister series that examine sickness. In Leftover, photographs and a sculpture of used radiation […] Read more »

Videos and shows

Exhibition projects, concerts and installations. The Problem of the Hydra, 2020 HD 1080p, color, sound, 9 min 40 sec, 2017–2020.Sound […] Read more »